Boundless building and playing fun through unique, magnetic building blocks.

AINSTEIN building blocks can be connected in any direction!

The fantastic magnetic building blocks of AINSTEIN® are the new construction toy for girls and boys aged 2 - 6 years.

They always attract each other and can be assembled in many ways with a quiet "click": up, down and to the side. This is made possible by an extraordinary patent and promises limitless building experiences. Everything is possible in the creative world of AINSTEIN!

Building blocks from AINSTEIN promote the development of children.

With AINSTEIN building blocks, children give free rein to their creativity and create countless buildings with a lot of fun. Fine motor skills, logic and creativity are encouraged in a playful way.

We do not compromise on our quality. AINSTEIN building blocks are produced exclusively in Austria and are tested by TÜV. For the safety of your child!