Our promise

quality developped in austria!

AINSTEIN building blocks are developed and partly also produced by ourselves in Austria in order to be able to offer you a high-quality toy.

Our building blocks are tested by TÜV Austria and meet all legal requirements, including the European standard EN71 on toy safety.You can download the current TÜV test report here:  AINSTEIN-TÜV-Prüfung

Furthermore, you will find here the confirmation that our building blocks comply with even the strictest pollutant limits without any problems:  AINSTEIN-Materialprüfung

How do I recognize good toys?

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Health describes in its brochure"Facts about toys. What you should look for when buying toys." good toys as follows:

  • it is versatile

  • leaves room for creativity and own play ideas

  • offers the possibility to play together with others

  • promotes dexterity and mobility

  • is made of high quality materials and is well manufactured

  • has a simple, understandable construction and mechanics

  • is robust

In addition, it must of course comply with legal regulations (European standard EN 71 on toy safety).

Our AINSTEIN magnetic bricks meet all these criteria and we are proud of that!