The unique building block that always connects automatically!

Building blocks from AINSTEIN promote the development of children!

The building block for all cases

Building blocks are the oldest and probably most important toys in a child's development. Whether wooden building blocks, Lego bricks or magnetic bricks, they all contribute to developing our children's motor skills, creativity and imagination. Did you know that simple toys like building blocks are often much better suited for development than electronic toys that make sounds, move or run at the push of a button?

The development of AINSTEIN began with the question of whether there is a brick that is easier to assemble on several sides than the well-known Lego bricks, that holds together better than simple wooden bricks and that does not have to take into account the north/south pole orientation as with conventional magnetic bricks.

All conventional building blocks are bound to predetermined patterns during assembly, whether through plug connections, fixed magnets or lack of holding power. As a result, children cannot develop their creativity and imagination freely; they must adhere to the possibilities defined by us adults. To give more room to creativity and to give children success from the very first moment when 2 AINSTEINs combine with a quiet "clack" to form a building. This was exactly our incentive for the development of AINSTEIN.

"In July 2013 my daughter Marie was born. In the few quiet moments of my paternity leave (yes, my daughter was really a screamer in the first few months) I had the idea to give her a special present. Namely to develop a special toy building block for her. So I started to tinker, first with wooden models, then with prototypes from the 3D printer.

Marie's 1st birthday party was more or less the baptism of fire of AINSTEIN. Not only the little ones played with the AINSTEINs, but also Marie's older friends had fun with them. And the parents wanted to know where to buy them."

Sven Purns, inventor of AINSTEIN

This is how BRILLID GmbH with its registered trademark AINSTEIN and the internationally patented building block system was born from an idea.